Jean-Jacques Simon

Jean-Jacques Simon is a Vascular Surgeon. He practiced denudation accesses before moving to percutaneous accesses under ultrasound. He worked in the Paoli-Calmettes Cancer Institute in Marseille, France, and created a Vascular Access Unit there. He was able to train many French and foreign colleagues in all techniques including his successors. He also was a teacher in many structures and trained his colleagues. Today, he is still publishing in his field.

Extravasation: Causes and treatment

Extravasation can be defined as the accidental leakage of a chemotherapy infusion into the subcutaneous tissues, and exceptionally into the pleura or mediastinum. It can be an absolute therapeutic emergency depending on the product that was used. Of all the possible...

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A safe axillary-subclavian venous access

Recommendations of Dr Jean-Jacques Simon, Vascular Surgeon   The subclavian vein puncture, area of the axillary-subclavian junction, is known for its possible complications such as pinch-off syndrome and pneumothorax. These are perfectly avoidable when the...

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