Revised Standards of Practice for Vascular Access and Infusion Therapy

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8 Mar, 2021

Due to the invasive nature of vascular access and infusion therapy, the potential for risk and complications associated with the specialty is high. Therefore, it is essential that competent, evidence based practice is ensured.  It is crucial that clinicians involved in vascular access provide safe, evidence based patient care.

To help reduce the risk of complications and to provide evidence to support practice, the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice (Gorski, 2021) were developed. The aim of the standards is to help prevent complications, promote vein preservation and to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. The document synthesises specialty knowledge and provides a global focus on the shared standards that we expect for our patients. The standards were drawn up by an international group of experts who critically reviewed the evidence and updated the previous 2016 standards.

These standards are vital for informed decision making and to provide answers to important questions related to caring for patients with vascular access devices and infusion therapy.  Adherence to these globally recognised standards will help to promote consistency in patient care, guide decision making and enhance competency. It strives to promote consistency in practice, and to provide a guide for clinical decision making around the globe. This is a valuable resource for all clinicians with an interest in vascular access and infusion therapy.

You can access the 8th edition of the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice (2021) by following this link.


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